• Play your part fighting against antibiotic-resistant superbugs!

    Download BugWise today

  • Play your part fighting against antibiotic-resistant superbugs!

    Download BugWise today

  • Antibiotic resistance (ABR) has increased worldwide due to the overuse and misuse of antibiotics. If left unchecked, experts fear it could claim up to 10 million lives per annum at a cumulative cost of USD100 trillion by 2050.

    Do your part by downloading BugWise, an app that will help you to:

    • Access accredited information on your diagnosis and medication
    • Access useful tips to prevent bacterial infection and minimize your need for antibiotics
    • Educate yourself on the dangers of incorrect antibiotic use
    • Set reminders to take your antibiotic at the correct times



    Download BugWise today to play your part in the fight against antibiotic resistant superbugs!

    Commonly asked questions about antibiotics:


    How do I know if I have a viral or bacterial infection?

    Ask your healthcare provider and follow his or her advice on what to do about your illness.

    Remember, colds are caused by viruses and should not be treated with antibiotics.

    Won’t an antibiotic help me feel better quicker so that I can get back to work when I get a cold or the flu?

    No, antibiotics do nothing to help a viral illness. They will not help you feel better sooner. Ask your healthcare provider what other treatments are available to treat your symptoms.

    If mucus from the nose changes from clear to yellow or green — does this meanI need an antibiotic?

    No. Yellow or green mucus does not mean that you have a bacterial infection. It is normal for mucus to get thick and change colour during a viral cold.

    Reference: CDC – Get Smart, Know When Antibiotics Work, available from https://www.cdc.gov/getsmart/community/materials-references/print-materials/adults/b-general-color.pdf [Accessed 2 October 2017]